Minggu, 24 Juni 2012

i really wish i could go to PARIS with the love of my life ;"(((((
i LOVELOVELOVE paris since i was just a lil kid ;(
well,they say that if couples go there and have a great look of the eiffel tower,it would be the most romantic thing ever.so i really want to go there ;(((
really wish i could go see the eiffel with my hands all wrap up in my love's hand ;) awww *daydreaming*
sooo i guess im addicted to paris and my french language skill is like....asdfghjkl
i learn french in my school,but fyi french is BEYONDDDD hardddd -_______-
i only can say few things btw ;p
Bonjour! j'mapelle su hyon son.Je'suis etudiante.Je'suis celibataire.Je'suis 16 ans.Je ne lee 4 decembre.Je'suis indonesianne-koreanne.J'habite a' lippo cikarang.merci.Au revior! ;DD
thats what i can write in french ;p well gotta learn MORE and MORE from  now onn ;;D
see ya in a bit Paris! Te amo!!! <3

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