Kamis, 21 Juni 2012

So heyaa everybody ;)
im new here,so forgive me if i make tons of mistakes ;P

well as u know,am gonna write what i feel right now bloggers.
So first i'll tell u who i really am,well im Su hyon Son.am a happa mix korean and indonesian ;)
im a proud catholic and i love Jesus Christ with all my heart <3
u may know me as a really quirky kinda girl.but im kewl in a kind of good way ;)
u either love me or hate me for who i am. but rmmber 1 thingg.
i'd rather be hate because of who i am,than to be loved for who im not.so SCREW all ya'haters cause i dont give a F for peeps like you ;) im awesome in my own way.so just accept it.Lawl.

The love of my life's name is Stephen ;;) <3

He's not just cute,hot,smart but he can make my world go round and round ;)
i really Love him so so so so so much! <3<3

i questioned myself sometimes.i questioned everything that happened to me..I overthink things and thats what makes me moody..
i really wish Stephen could know how i love him so much. i hope he'll love me the way i always love him.
i dont know how he really feel,but the way he treated me,the way he looked at my eyes,the way he talked and the way he says i love you really convince me that he's really loving me.
everytime he's gone nor being far away from me,make me think if he'd also think and miss me like the way i do think and missed him sooo freakin much..
Im not a fairytale believer but i do wish happily ever after did exist.Cause like seriously if Stephen's not around,how could i smile? he's the reason for me to smile..
gawsh.i think i realy love him.i may be mad at him for lots of times,but its all because i want to be his one and only.i want to be remember as always and i dont wanna be forgetten by him.
he's such a great guy and im really happy to know such great guy like him.im soo blessed to know the fact that he's actually MINE.
Problems may come as our relationships go,but i believe if our love's strong,We can go thru any kind of storms.Cause i believe that everything was set preety as its way by God.Evrything will happen in the right place and everything will happen beautifully as God planned.
All i could think of is Stephen and i just cant go mad with him.Every mistakes that he makes cant be the reason for me to be angry to him.cause Even there are 1000 reasons for me to be angry to me,there's always that 1 reason that could make me smile again ;) and that 1 reason is when he talks to me.
i LOVE talking to me.and i think i may have stephensnydrom or that kinda stuff.
im addicted to him and i love bein'addicted to him ;)
im SO ATTACHED to him and i'll always love him no matter what.

There's a guy who i thought would be my bestiest,but than ruin our friendship cause of his likeness of me.
its not that i dont want him to like me,its just that i dont want to make him hurt cause i cant love him back.I just wish we could be friends again like we used to.but i think its hard for us to be friends again.cause its awkard for me to talk to him.im still afraid that he would still have feelings for me.he may say that he have moved on from me,but im not really buying it.im still afraid that he would thot that if im close again with him,im giving him more hopes.i just dont want him to think that way.i still want to be friends with him,but yeahh the circumstences doesnt let me to be close to him.i wished we could still be friends like we normally do before i know about ur feelings.
sorry i cant love you back.Its a though decision for me.believe me its beyond HARD.but i'v choose Stephen.U deserve to be happy.So im wishing for u to get ur happiness ASAP! ;)
thanks for being my friend and i wish we could always be friend.

well back to the main topic..i LOVE LOVE LOVE my babyboo :***
this writing is dedicated for u my lovely booboo.
          i Love you sooo freakin' much Stephen <3

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